We proudly present our International Instructor Team
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Henrik Bramsved - Sweden
- International Presenter, Teacher and Health promotor. CEO and founder of the AerobicWeekends Sweden and the International Fitness & FunWeeks. AFAA certified instructor. 7-times Swedish and Nordic champion, 6th in the World Cup, 3-times finalist at the World Championships in Sports Aerobics. Background from gymnastics, aerobics, tennis and sports. Has for the past 25 years worked with educating and coaching group training instructors. Specialist in Core stability training, Functional fitness, Healthy back training and Choreografed group exercise. Co-author with Gyula Bercsenyi of the book ”Atletträning för Alla” and the online coaching system Recently Certified Padel Coach by HelloPadel, Mauri Andrini.
@aerobicweekends @henrikbramsved
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Dorota Tulibacka - Poland
-Internationell presentatör. och dansare. Utbildad fitnessinstruktör med bred bakgrund från professionell tävlingsdans. Specialiserad på dansklasser inom tex Latin, Zumba, Salsa, Bachata, Yoga, Aerial Yoga m.fl.
Dorota är ett energiknippe som sprider dansglädje!
Fernando Brito - Chile & Sweden
International presenter. Trained sports teacher. S.A.F.E licensed. Licensed Zumba Instructor. Two-time Swedish champion in aerobics. Presenter in Chile, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Sweden. Licensed Zumba Instructor. Fernando is touring in Sweden with his special Latin passes and turns training into a party! Popular educators at the International Training Weeks, among others.
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Louise Hansen - Denmark
Trained Licensed Group Training Instructor who I have mainly taught HIT, spinning, strength and heart rate classes. In addition, I have worked as a swimming coach and group training instructor abroad at a sports hotel. I myself have run many half marathons and in addition to running training I train both crossfit and strength training. On a daily basis, I study Public Health Science.
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Gyula Bercsenyi - Sweden / Hungary
Head coach for Athlete Week.
Health coach, PT, Physiotherapist and Multiatlet with more than 25 years of experience. Gyula has developed the training concepts FitnessCross and Element 5 training. Gyula and his Co-author Henrik Bramsved is now up to date with the book "Atletträning för Alla” and the online coaching system Teacher, coach and presenter for the AerobicWeekends Sweden and the International Fitness & FunWeeks.
@coachgyula @gyulabercsenyi
Brett Hoare - UK
Personal trainer, fitness instructor, sports coach in health and wellbeing.
”I work hard to specialize in giving the guests and clients what they want and I’ll always do it with a smile.”
Favorite classes are CrossFit WODS and power training, also fitness boxing and fitness boxing.
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Jenni Häkkä - Finland
Jenni Häkkä is an energetic fitness-and dance instructor from Lahti, Finland. At Jenni´s classes you feel always thegood vibe and a postitive energy. She has more than 25 years experience in the sportsindustry and as a Physiotherapist, sports massagist and a Personal Trainer. Shehas been working several years abroad as an touristic sportsentertainer and a showdancer.Now she runs her own physiotherapy and group training/personal training business@fysiofemenina in Lahti Finland and works as an partner in an occupational wellbeingbusiness @lilohyvinvointi. She is qualified to support women during pregnancy,postpartum and menopause, womens sports and pelvic health physiotherapy. She specializesin a number of different training methods such as Pilates, Spinning, Dance, Latindance, Zumba, Step aerobic, HIIT training, Kettlebell, muscle building.
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Maria Wolfhagen - Sweden
Licensed instructor in aerobics and step. Works as a business developer in education and as a group training instructor based at Strandhälsan in Falkenberg. Loves everything that has to do with the joy of movement and does his utmost to spread joy and energy. Has previously worked as a choreographer for revues and charter company shows. ”
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Sofia Lander - Sweden
Lic. Group training instructor and personal trainer, has worked full-time in the training industry for 13 years.
Work everyday as a personal trainer and group training instructor.
Run classes such as Core, Functional, Studio Cycling, Hit, Yoga, etc
My goal is for everyone to feel true training joy that makes you long for the next training session even afterwards!
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Akt Rahim - Sweden
Ako är en av Sveriges mest kända fitnesspersoner som under flera år dominerat Athletic fitnesstävlingarna i Sverige och satsar numera på CrossFit. På sidan av sin tävlingskarriär deltar Rahim i teveprogrammet Gladiatorerna som gladiator Toro. Ako driver tillsammans med andra kända träningsprofiler en av Sveriges mest kända träningsbloggar ARgetfit samt en Crossfitbox - Atum.
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Madeleine Casta - Sweden
Running coach stage 1 and 2, leads running groups and performs running analysis and creates training programs for different distances.
She loves helping others find the joy of running combined with getting stronger and faster!
Also trained Group training instructor and Yoga instructor.
Sara Ullman - Sweden
- International Presenter and Teacher at the AerobicWeekends Group exercise educations. Educated dancer at the Ballet Academy and loves everything that has to do with music and movement. Specialist in DanceAerobics, AfroDance, DanZy and DrumZ. In addition to Sara having toured around the world with various dance performances, she has, among other things worked at Wallman's salons and on cruise ships in, for example, the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean.
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Moris Cardone - Germany / Italy
International presenter, dancer and choreographer with roots from Italy living Germany. Well known as a dancer and international presenter in the fitness industry. Specialized in dance classes in Danceaerobics, Hip Hop, Latin, Dancehall, Ragga, Jazz and more. His classes and workshops are filled with energy, creativity and joy.
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Isabelle Badéa - Sweden
Isabelle has always had a great love for training and has trained everything from ballet & show dance to karate & inline skating. She inspires others to move with passion and an unpretentious attitude.
Her ultimate goal is, regardless of the type of fit, for you to experience how amazing your body is. With over a decade of experience in leading, she guides you safely and clearly through the training. For Isabelle, music is an important cornerstone for conveying emotion and expression, preferably with a twinkle in the eye. She has always had a belief that the best workout is the one that also affects the joy in the heart.
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Pernilla Lorentzen - Sweden
I have a passion for exercise and health and am passionate about sharing the joy of exercise with others. I am trained in both high- and low-intensity concepts, fitness, strength and dance, but have an extra fondness for yoga and pilates.
What I want to convey with my classes and in all meetings is the importance of feeling at ease with oneself. Getting to know yourself and giving yourself and your body what it needs right now. Being serious but not taking yourself too seriously. Dare to challenge but also dare to take a step back. Accepting and respecting yourself and having confidence in your body's ability - it's amazing.
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Marion Polak - Germany
Lic. Zumba instructor.
Presenter with many years of experience of International Fitness & FunWeeks in Turkey, Lanzarote & Fuerteventura.
Marion is always giving great energy to the participants.
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Sophee Hastings - Great Britain
International Fitness instructor from the UK. Teacher in the Dance, Pilates, Pound, Yoga and Seated exercise classes. Degree in exercise rehabilitation and make classes inclusive for all! ”It doesn’t matter your fitness level or ability, there is something in each class for everyone! The hardest part of any workout is getting to the class.”
The most important thing for Sophee, as an instructor, is that her participants are smiling and having fun!